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What is a Catalytic Converter?

A catalytic converter is part of a vehicle’s emissions system that converts harmful emissions into less-toxic particles or gases. Learn more from the Brigham City car repair experts at Master Muffler. Why We Need Catalytic Converters Gasoline and diesel engines run on forms of petroleum, which contains hydrocarbons. When these hydrocarbons are combined with oxygen and heated, they release compounds such as carbon dioxide and water. Relatively harmless, these aren’t the elements a catalytic [...]

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A Guide to Obscure Automotive Terms

Ready to test your car trivia knowledge? We see a lot of common Brigham City car repair needs on a daily basis, but sometimes we get something a bit more unique. No matter how much you know about cars, there are probably a few parts that can stump you. Or, maybe you know very little, but you’re familiar with basic parts like the battery, your tires, and how to check your oil. Let’s learn [...]

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Signs Its Time to Start Looking for a New Car

Many of us have owned (or currently own) a car that is hard to let go of. Whether a trusted friend for years or simply a paid-off pile of junk with no car payment, it was there to stay— maybe for a bit too long. Getting a new car can be a big step and getting rid of an old one can be an equally taxing decision. However, there are some tell-tale signs that [...]

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Diesel vs Gasoline Engine Basics

When you picture a diesel vehicle, an 18-wheeler or beat-up farm truck may come to mind. They weren’t always the epitome of sophistication, but they’ve come a long way. Brigham City car repair experts at Master Muffler want to help you understand the basics of diesel vs gasoline engine vehicles. The gasoline-powered engine was invented in 1876 by Nikolaus August Otto. At that time, it used about 10% of the fuel poured into it [...]

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Zero Fatalities: Car Features That Keep You Safe

In the world of accelerated travel, whether it be by land, by sea, or by air, there is nothing more important than the safety of everyone involved. While most details are lost to time, the reports of the first car accidents in the United States are stories filled with a certain measure of chaos on the part of the drivers; cars hitting trees, cars hitting bicycles, and cars hitting pedestrians all seem correlated by [...]

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Transmission Insights: Automatic vs Manual

For those who aren’t particularly familiar with automotive lingo or how engines work, the concept of a transmission may be a little befuddling. We’ve all heard the word, but what exactly does it do and what is the difference between an automatic and manual transmission? Which one is better? Well, these are somewhat simple questions to answer, but in order to see the larger picture, we first need to define a couple of key [...]

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Fuel Efficiency Basics

Fuel efficiency is no doubt an important money-saving metric and it has come a long way in a short span of time. According to the EPA, fuel efficiency has increased 29 percent since 2004 and is continuing to improve with time. This figure, of course, is referring to the fleet of combustion engine vehicles currently on the market. Electric vehicles are boasting even greater energy efficiency.  When it comes to gasoline-powered cars, there are [...]

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Shocks and Struts 101

Shocks and struts.  You’ve probably heard those words and most likely together, right?  Do you know what they do or what their function is?  What about the problems with them?  How do you go about fixing shocks and struts?  Component Overview Shocks and struts are the parts of a car used to stabilize the vehicle.  They keep it from bouncing all around and make the ride much smoother.  Have you ever driven down an [...]

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