What Variables Can Influence the Cost of Transmission Work?

Your transmission is what keeps your car moving forward as powerfully and fuel-efficiently as possible— In simple terms, it accomplishes this by carrying engine power to your axle whilst changing gears to suit your current speed. If your transmission shows signs of damage, you will likely need to pay a hefty bill before you can get back out on the road. The amount it will cost you to repair your transmission isn’t set in [...]

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Is Waxing Good for Your Car’s Exterior?

It’s always a treat to see a car that has been freshly waxed. Not only does it give your vehicle that clean and shiny look that makes other car owners envious, but it also seals the pores of your vehicle against damaging elements such as rust, dirt, and water vapor. Most experts suggest giving your car a good waxing at least twice a year.  Types of Wax There are several different types of waxes [...]

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Why You Should Never Ignore Your Check Engine Light

It can be easy to ignore your check engine light, putting all other priorities above it! Don’t forget, though, that transportation is probably an important part of attending to those other aspects of life efficiently. Although your check engine warning could indeed be ‘no big deal’, it could also, in fact, indicate a serious problem. Ignoring it could potentially put your transportation ability, finances, or even life in jeopardy!  If your warning light is [...]

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Emissions Testing Requirements in Utah

If you’re wondering whether or not you need to have your vehicle’s emissions tested, Brigham City Master Muffler has the answer. According to the Utah DMV, as of January 2018 annual safety tests are no longer required for all vehicles registered in Utah. But what about emission testing requirements in Utah? Across the state, some counties do require an emissions test depending on the year a car was manufactured, while others do not. The [...]

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Oil Leaks, Why They Happen, and How to Avoid Them

Your car's engine runs on various liquids—gasoline, engine oil, coolant, brake fluid, and power steering fluid are among the most important—that lubricate moving parts, drive accessories, and reduce engine friction. But if you've pulled away from the driveway and noticed steam or liquid under your car, you may have an oil leak to worry about. So although we’ll mostly talk about engine oil leaks today, we’ll also touch on the above liquids, how to [...]

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What Does the Radiator of Your Car Do?

A mixture of fuel and air combine in a chamber, then an electrical spark is released. A small, contained explosion takes place, set off by and then continuing a chain of events; Intake, compression, combustion, exhaust. Your vehicle’s engine is now running. This process generates a lot of heat through combustion as well as the friction from now moving parts, much more than your vehicle's components could withstand on their own. Temperatures need to [...]

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2022 Top Safety Picks

When shopping for a new or used car, what features are most important? Obviously, we all want something safe and reliable. But what modern safety features should we be looking for? Before our car repair experts list some of the highest-rated cars for 2022, let’s look at some of the most beneficial safety features we like to see in a sedan, SUV, or truck. Safety Features to Look For Thankfully, many safety features are [...]

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Things Every Car Owner Should Know

The more you know about your vehicle, the less likely you’ll find yourself in need of emergency Brigham City car repair. At Master Muffler, we want every driver to feel confident both behind the wheel and looking under the hood of their car. Not every driver needs to be a car enthusiast, but every driver should be well-informed about the basics of their car. Our Brigham City car repair crew shares what every car [...]

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9 Common Car Parts and Their Functions

To some, the components under a car hood may seem mysterious and overwhelming. While automobiles are complex machines, a general understanding of major car parts can be beneficial for any car owner. Not only will this help them navigate a basic conversation among auto care enthusiasts, but it will also help them know when their vehicle may be in need of car repair or maintenance. Here is a breakdown of the 10 must-know car [...]

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The History of Horsepower

Have you ever wondered why your car’s energy output is measured in units of horsepower? Before the advent and use of mechanical engines, animals were used to supply power to different systems. As a result, the term horsepower was coined and applied to steam engines, and those that followed. Today the Brigham City car repair team from Master Muffler shares some insight on the history of horsepower. How Much Horsepower is in a Horse? [...]

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