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Regular brake component inspection is important to ensure safety.

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Muffler & Exhaust

We provide standard and custom exhaust replacement and upgrades.

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Oil Change

Keep your car running at peak performance with our full service oil changes.

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Beat the summer heat with a tuned and charged A/C.

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Tune ups

Catalytic converters increase fuel efficiency and reduce toxic fumes.

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Engine Repair

We service any make or model and make sure we do quality work at a fair price.

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Catalytic Converter

Catalytic converters increase fuel efficiency and reduce toxic fumes.

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Boost handling and tire durability with regular alignments.

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We offer services such as tire rotation, balance, and installation.

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“My Subaru’s clutch went out and my wife and I were from a different state. It was a Friday in August, and we were stressed out because the shops we were calling in the area were a week out minimum to even look at a car. I spoke with Jeremy, who said they could look at it by close of business and said they could get it done by Tuesday. While I was there, the mechanic, Jose, went to the car with me to diagnose. He was awesome and great with Subaru’s and answered all the questions I had! While we were waiting to leave, another mechanic came up to us and offered gatorade which was great in the hot weather. We were stoked to have Jeremy call us that Monday saying it was done so we could get back a day early. Jeremy was awesome throughout the process and I definitely recommend this shop!! I have read several reviews from people not from the area which is encouraging to see!


“I rolled in with a blown rod inside my engine, these guys were phenomenal in giving me an estimate. They put the new engine in my 99 corolla within a week and a half (memorial day was in the middle of that so i’m sure that added some time). I drove the car home and it sounded awesome. They did a great job.


“We broke down on our way to Idaho Labor Day weekend. We were certain that our weekend was ruined. However, the crew at Master Muffler diagnosed, ordered the part, and replaced a water pump within 2 hours. We were back on the road and have enjoyed our weekend. Thank you to the team at this location! Also, very reasonable pricing.


“They don’t just do mufflers and brakes! Jeremy and his crew fixed my air conditioning with super quick turnaround (which is important in these sweltering temperatures) and when it turned out that one of the parts was faulty, they did it AGAIN. So impressed and grateful!


“Put on a new muffler recently on my SUV, I did most the labor just needed someone to weld two joints only 30 bucks! The guys did a good job too. Probably much better than I could do.


“Best experience ever! I watched the owner (I assume) deal with the customer in front of me and was immediately impressed with his honesty. We were from out of town and were driving a classic truck on an 1800 mile trip home. A belt was squealing at highway speeds. We had a long way to go so they looked at it right away. 15 minutes later they gave us the keys and said we were all set. It just needed to be tightened. They wouldn’t even let me pay anything. They had an opportunity to seriously take advantage, but didn’t. That kind of honesty just isn’t common any more. Thank you!



Brigham Team
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